Esoteric Tantra Course

The Esoteric Tantra Course is an international unique religious education system designed to instruct its pupils on all aspects of Tantra. The school has been running for over twelve years and has already reached twelve full years of teaching. The teachings begin with the fundamentals and don’t require any previous knowledge of Tantra to participate. Students can already be initiated into the Esoteric School as soon as they enter the program, so there is no waiting required. The process of becoming a full fledged student however can take up to twelve years, depending on various factors.

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The entire course consists of four main modules. These are the preliminary lectures which introduce the course and explain the importance of the esoterica, as well as the theoretical concepts. Next is the preliminary chapter focusing on the spiritual journey and its importance in the overall practice of tantra. This chapter focuses on the techniques and skills that are used during the process of meditations. Then there is the Path of Study, which gives detailed instructions on how to get started with the process of learning tantra exercises, the five practices of tantra and other important information.

In the final module, Mastering the Three Spiritual Secrets the students are shown how to perform the various tantra practices step by step. There is also information on how to incorporate these spiritual practices into your daily life. The final module covers the Esoteric Traditions and their role in modern day tantra. This final module will help students to fully understand the relevance of the Esoteric Traditions in our contemporary world and help them to apply these teachings to their lives.

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