Rifle&GH Fabb: Western Medicine

Rifle&GH Fabb: Western Medicine

Rifle& Ghaffari are a shooting range combination of action and adventure video games based on the world famous TV programme of the same name. The game is a hybrid between a shooting game and an RPG (role playing game). Unlike other games in the genre, though, the story is quite different from typical RPGs. For starters, unlike most RPGs, you are required to complete quests before moving to the next level of the game; the story in Rifle& Ghaffari is more linear, as you have to follow a single storyline line until you find the final boss to fight and kill.


In order to succeed in the game, you need to develop your character skill by levelling up your weapon skill, your stealth skill and your combat skill. Each of these skills can be further improved by picking up new weapons that come with special abilities like “extinguishers” that can instantly kill an enemy. These special weapons are rewarded for your efforts, as they are dropped by killed enemies, so finding more about their natures and use becomes important later on. The story in the game takes place at a fictional institute called Karcher, which trains young students in the use of powerful firearms. One of these students is named Jake O’Brien, who goes on to become a well-known hunter and marksman. However, things take a turn for the worse when Jake’s best friend is killed during a hunting trip gone wrong, and now he has to find a way to save his friend and clear his name…


As you progress through the game, you’ll come across a number of unlockable characters who, if unlocked, will add to the difficulty level. This list is composed of characters such as Nurse Ratchet, a cyborg assassin, Private James Valentine, an ex-soldier turned bounty hunter, Theognitus, a robot hacker, and The Gorgon, a hybrid guardsman. They help you in various ways and are also divided into two groups, each with its own distinctive set of quests. So as you proceed in the game, you’ll find each of the major characters as part of a group, with specific skills and weapons. When you’re done with one group, you’ll be free to move onto the next, adding new abilities to your arsenal as you do.…

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