What Are Online Games?

online games

Online games are video games that can be played by a single player or multi-player over a computer network or Internet. A multiplayer online game is an online game which is either largely or partly played over the Internet or some other internet based computer network. The word ‘multi-player’ indicates that there are a number of players participating in a game or a competition over the same server, while ‘server’ refers to a central server from where all the servers on which a game is hosted, operate and which allow for communication between all the players, making them compete with each other and not simply against the computer system itself. A multiplayer online game can either be a free-for-all game or a competitive game. In a free-for-all game there are no restrictions and anyone can join in, whereas in a competitive game, one player is the leader of a team who tries to achieve a set goal and one member of the team aids another in reaching the same goal, either by completing a set number of moves or achieving a set degree of goals. Resource


Another way of looking at online games would be the action-packed video games which are extremely popular with children. Some of these games are first person shooter games and role playing games, which require the player to perform some sort of physical activity or task, while fighting enemies or pursuing a mission. Another genre of online games are the massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) which are also quite popular with many people today. These are massive online games that require large numbers of computers in order to operate properly. Players are able to connect to these games via their own personal computers and play with a group of other players, fighting or exploring, depending on the nature of the game.


There are a wide variety of genres of online games which are played by players all around the world, with each different type of online game catering to a particular segment of the global gaming market. Racing, action, card games, board games, shooting, role playing and strategy games are just a few of the most popular genres of online games. The world of online gaming is constantly growing and maturing every day, with new titles being added to the list every day. With a rapid rate of expansion, online games will continue to become more popular.

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